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Henderson, NV

Phone 702-275-9413

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

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Pools Unlimited is a company that is based on honesty. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We are a reliable company that boast on 0% service failures. What this means to you as a customer? This means that you will have timely service. Are you concerned about different service personnel in your yard? At Pools Unlimited, we like to keep the same service rep, on the same route. You will never have to wonder who the new guy is in your back yard. We STRONGLY believe in building a solid relationship with our customers. This has led to the success of Pool Unlimited via it's referral service from existing customers to new customers.


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Certified Pool Operator

Joshua Blair

Phone: 702 275-9413

Email: Poolsultd@gmail.com


Skill or specialty: Customer Service  - Aqautic Technician

Years of experience: 10yrs

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